SERIES 725 PAVERSPECIAL. Designed for the paving contractor for transporting rollers and paving equipment. One man loading and unloading. PAYLOAD RATED 16 tons or 20 tons. Single point spring suspension, air brakes, 2" oak deck, 17.5 tires plus underbody automotive rust proofing.
SERIES 700 STRAIGHT DECK. A big husky dual tandem with 24' of flat deck. An all-around versatile trailer which will carry most of the contractors' equipment. Available in PAYLOAD capacities of 10, 12, 16, and 20 tons.
SERIES 1900 BEAVERTAIL TILT DECK. Our most popular tagalong tilt deck trailer. Combines 24' long by 8' wide deck on a massive frame. Ideal for loading crawler, tractors, rollers, and loaders/back hoe.
SERIES 30 AND 35 RAMPONS. The most rugged frame in the industry. 30 Series available in 6 and 9 ton, 35 Series in 10, 12, 16, and 20 ton PAYLOAD capacities.
SERIES 2545 PAVER SPECIAL. No. 1 on an asphalt contractors' wanted list. IT'S BIG. 45' long by 102" wide. The tilt deck is 29' and the space on the gooseneck is sufficient to load most rollers. Single point spring suspension puts it in a class of its own. Now available with a PAYLOAD capacity of 70,000 pounds.
SERIES 2500. The entire deck tilts -- 24' in length. Tilt angle of only 10 degrees. Designed to carry most all types of equipment. Available PAYLOAD capacities of 18, 20, 22, and 25 tons. The single point spring suspension allows contractors to haul heavier loads than other types of spring suspension.
SINGLE POINT SPRING SUSPENSION. The only spring suspension that offers you equal loading between the front axle and rear within 1%. The free turning trunnion makes it possible for one man to open or close the deck.
PLATFORM CONTROLLERS. The hydraulic platform controller cushions the deck when a machine is loaded onto or off the trailer. They are designed so that a man weighing 168 pounds can open or close the deck. The soft cushion effect saves on the rig, trailer, and man.
STRONGEST FRAME IN THE INDUSTRY. The heavy 3 piece wide flange beam which are fully welded to the main frame and side channel makes it far superior than the pierced frame design which most manufacturers use. This frame design is why the Wisconsin trailer outlasts all others by 4-5 times. Just ask the man that owns one.

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